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    Cuddly, 7 years old, male pug had vision impairment due to injury in eye ( Uveitis).But recovered soon as was treated in time. Pugs, boxers and Pekingese are the most vulnerable breeds for eye infection and injuries as anatomical location of eye balls are protruding and bulging. Most common eye affections are -Cherry eye: prolapse of third eyelid, they are like red bumps covering normal sclera( white part of eye). Usually it occurs singularly but can effect both eyes. Surgical removal of the gland is indicated. -Dry eye ( keratoconjunctivitis , Sicca): Decreased natural tear formation. There is a natural film that protects the eyes. If that clear film gets a tear or rip in it, the cornea of the dog's eye will no longer be protected. Very painful condition in which eye gets brown in color and scar tissue is formed. Lubricating eye ointments and anti - inflammatory can prevent this condition. -Inflammation and irritation( Uveitis): usually occurs due to foreign bodies leading to excessive blinking, watering, sensitivity to bright light, eye color is bluish along with redness and swelling.This can be treated with anti- inflammatory and antibiotics. - Corneal ulcer or abrasion: Erosion through the whole epithelium and into the stroma of eye. If the erosion goes through the epithelium and stroma to the level of Descemet's membrane (the very deepest layer).If Descemet's membrane ruptures, the liquid that is normally inside of the eyeball leaks out and the eye actually collapses. Very painful condition but can heal if treated in time. Surgery depends on severity. Usually pain medication an antibiotic can help in faster recovery. Putting E collar might prevent further damage as pet won't be able to rub the eye against surface. Dr Shally Mattoo Jalali M.V.Sc (Surgery and Radiology) For more info visit us at http://sjspetcare.com/Cuddly-7-years-old-male-pug-had-vision-impairment-due-to-injury-in-eye-Uveitis-But-recovered-soon-as-was-treated-in-time/b23