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    Raven , 1.5 year old female cat (spayed) enjoys to get little pampered on lazy sunday in the clinic for basic grooming ( ear cleaning, nail , trimming, deshedding). Most of the cat owners always say "My cat is clean she keeps licking and grooming herself all the time, " but what about all the hairs and dirt it is taking inside, causing furballs and infection s.Grooming is an important part of your cat’s health and well-being, short-coated and long coated cats can suffer alot from a lack of grooming. Good brushing helps in eliminating discomfort by detangling those matted hairs which usually has eczemas or infection underneath.Brushing also helps in massaging the cat and by increasing circulation which removed dead hair and regenrates fresh hairs. Removal of nasty insects ( ticks and fleas), these blood sucking creatures really annoys cat and transmit lots of infection and diseases. There are lots of herbal and natural for which repell them. Cats who are prone to ear infections require ear cleaning frequently. Excessive wax build up, fluid, dirt, debris infections, ear mites and other ailments requires proper and frequent cleaning. Ear swab analysis might help in dignosing and treating problem more effectively. Ferals usually keep trimming nails themselves but indoor cats usually fail to keep their nail trimmed. Long nails might curl and might grow in your cats feet causing lot of pain and discomfort. Kindly visit us for getting that extra pampring you kid needs with basic scientific techniques. Dr Shally Mattoo Jalali #dog and cat groomers near me, #pet care centre , #dog grooming, mobile pet grooming , #pet care services, #pet spot gurgaon, #dog grooming gurgaon, haryana, #dog and cat clinic in gurgaon, #veterinary hospital in gurgaon, #gurgaon pet clinic, #best vet in gurgaon, #best veterinary doctor in gurgaon, #veterinary products in india, #indian veterinary products, #veterinary product list, #veterinary medicine company, #veterinary medicine Provider india, #veterinary products Shops in Gurgaon