Importance Of Pet Vaccinations

Just Like Humans, Vaccinations Are Most Important Aspect Of A Pet Life. These Vaccinations Cover Both Bacterial As Well As Viral Diseases.

The fact that they help to prevent ailments which could otherwise prove fatal to the pet, lays down importance of pet vaccinations. Also, these vaccinations can also prevent lifelong disorders. Mostly vaccinations cover bacterial and viral diseases. Unfortunately, in India Breeders don’t know what side effects or ill effects of not vaccinating the pets at the right age and time are. They can not only save their pets lives, but also relieve the emotional pressure of owners. For now, the owners don’t have to worry about the loss of a pet should the vaccination is not proper. Here is a video from American Veterinary Medical Association explaining the importance of Pet Vaccination

Why Should Pet Owners Follow The Importance Of Pet Vaccinations Strictly?

There are many reasons the owners should take importance of pet vaccinations strictly. Vaccinations not only boost the immunity of the pets, but also helps it to defend from various diseases. The article discusses some of the common diseases that pets suffer from and their corresponding vaccinations. Also, the articles throw light on some of the precautions that need to be taken while administering the dose.

Types Of Vaccinations

Core Vaccinations

Core vaccinations are those which cannot be avoided or missed at all. Also, these cover all the viral strains which are considered fatal. Examples of these are Rabies, Parvovirus distemper and Leptospira strains.

Non -Core Vaccinations

These consist of vaccinations which are non-fatal stains such as Corona and Kennel cough. All such vaccinations are also followed by their boosters.

Precautions To Be Undertaken While Administering Vaccinations

Importance of Pet Vaccinations is not limited to ensuring that all the pets are properly administered. Pet owners have to ensure that due precautions need to be undertaken. Here are 10 precautions they should take care of.

  1. Vaccinations Started At The Age Of 35- 45 Days And Complete Vaccination At 4-5 Month Of Age.
  2. Avoid Vaccinating Your Pet When He Is Sick, Or His Appetite Is Reduced.
  3. Do Mention Illness Of Your Pet When You Visit Vet For Vaccination. Vaccinations Can Cause Immunosuppression Leading To Flare Of An Underlying Condition.
  4. There Can Be Reaction To Vaccination With In 30 Min Of Administration, And It Is Important To Wait In Clinic As Any Anaphylactic Reaction Can Be Handled Well In Clinic.
  5. Avoid Feeding Pet 1hr Before Vaccination As It Might Cause Vomiting
  6. Local Injection Site Pain Is Very Common. In Such Condition, Apply An Ice Pack.
  7. There Can Be Delayed Local Site Reaction. Do Check With Your Veterinarian For Possible Treatment Protocols
  8. Please Take Proper Vaccination Schedule From Your Veterinarian And Strictly Follow. Avoid Socialization Until Vaccination Are Completely Done.
  9. Proper Vaccination Will Ensure That All Family Members Are Safe Too.
  10. Kids And Older People In Family Are Vulnerable, So Best Is To Keep Yourself Updated.

And the most important, it is the duty of all the pet lovers and owners to spread awareness.

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