Some FAQ’s Regarding Blood Transfusion In Dogs

It Is Extremely Vital To Understand The Guidelines Prior To Administering Blood Transfusion In Dogs. Know The Emergencies That Might Require Transfusion.

Just like Humans, pets can also end up in an emergency situation. Accidents, Anaemia and poisons are some of the common scenarios which can cause blood loss or RBC’s deficiency. All the above scenario require urgency of Blood Transfusion in Dogs. However, there are a couple of questions that can pop up. Do dogs donate blood ?Is it common to do blood transfusions in dogs? And the answer to all the above is Yes. Dogs do donate blood in case there are common dog emergencies which might require blood donation. The common causes are clotting disorders, any kind of surgery, poisons or blood parasites (hemo protozoan) Autoimmune Anaemia trauma accidents or injuries.

FAQ’S-Blood Transfusion in Dogs

Who is ideal blood donor?

Ideal blood donor can be an healthy adult more than 2 years of age and weight about 25 to 30 kilograms. Ideal blood donor should be healthy with no blood born diseases and parasite, he should be properly vaccinated and should not be on any medication other than the. deworming, heartworm or routine multivitamins.

How many types of blood types are there ?

There are over a dozen of different blood types in dogs. The blood type depends on geographic area as well as the type of breed. Also, the most common blood type is DEA 1(
(Dog erythrocyte antigen). There are both positive and negative DEA. DEA 1 is DEA 1.1 and DEA1.2 are most common.

Are there any blood banks for pets?

Unfortunately there are not, we need to get donor on spot and we have to cross match it first. It is good to give blood it can reduce harmful iron stores it may also lower your risk of suffering and heart attack it may reduce risk of developing cancers also it keeps liver healthy. So in many ways blood donation is good for your pets health. You can tell your veterinary that you are willing to donate your pet’s blood if required.

How cross matching is done?

There are two types of cross matching in dogs major cross match and minor cross match and auto control. Out of these major cross match is most important one and best type.
We should encourage more and more people to come forward for blood donation as there are no blood banks. Your pet can also help saving lives. Be aware and spread awareness.

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