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SJ’s Pet care is the best veterinary clinic in Gurgaon, featuring state of the art surgical equipment, highly qualified vets, hygienic space at a convenient location, waiting area and parking space right outside the clinic premises

Dr. Shally Mattoo Jalali

Founder & head veterinary surgeon

Dr Shally Mattoo Jalali, the founder and head veterinary surgeon at SJ’S Pet Care and Clinic in Gwal Pahari, Gurugram, established this facility in 2016.

She earned her B.V.Sc. and A.H. in 2006 and her M.V.Sc. in Surgery and Radiology in 2008 from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Science University in Ludhiana where she also received the University Merit Award in surgery and radiology. She has published her research publications in indian (IJVS) and foreign journals (OJVR) 

Dr Shally with around 14 years of experience, began her career with a government job in a small village in Punjab, after moving to NCR she started as one of the founder members in establishing CGS hospital facility as the OPD / IPD incharge and was primarily looking after the feline section, she has also worked full time for NGO “Krishna Ashram” for two years where she was working alone with few assistants helping around 300 stray animals,  She has also worked with Dr Batra’s Veterinary hospital where she got exposure and experience of treating pets with homeopathic medicines, even after opening her own hospital she still supports lots of NGO’s and helping lots of pet parents with their new and old family members

Dr Shally Specialises in minimal invasive soft tissue surgeries and is well-known feline practitioner, with extensive experience in treating cats, as well as famous for canine care.

Dr. Rishabh Kalia

Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Rishabh Kalia hails from Una a district in Himachal Pradesh. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2017 and his postgraduate degree in veterinary clinical medicine from DGCN COVAS in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, in 2019. His postgraduate research focused on clinico-therapeutic studies of canine hemoprotozoan and rickettsial diseases. His primary research interests are nephrology and infectious diseases in small animals. His articles have appeared in a number of journals.

Dr. Rishabh is the veterinarian that pet owners adore the most. After completing his PG, he joined SJS Pet Care & CLINIC and for the past three years has helped many pets by his commitment and hard work in giving them a healthy life. He oversees both OPD / Inpatient and is a dedicated veterinarian who works extremely hard.

Dr Rishabh enjoys reading books and cooking different cuisines, as he says “Cooking relaxes the soul.”

His parents and sister are extremely encouraging and supportive. His family has a strong affinity for animals; they love and take care of their dog and cow.

Dr. Pranjal Sharma

Veterinary Surgery And Radiology

Dr. Pranjal Sharma grew up in the city of Jawalamukhi, Himachal Pradesh. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in veterinary surgery and radiology from DGCN COVAS in Palampur, HP. His PG topic was Ultrasound guided nerve block anaesthesia in animals.

Dr. Pranjal specialises in ultrasonography and small animal orthopaedics, as well as soft tissue surgery. He is particularly interested in the most recent techniques and advances in veterinary orthopaedics. Dr. Pranjal has had papers published in IJSVs

His passion is travelling and discovering new places, and he enjoys long distance bike rides. Dr. Pranjal has supportive parents and a caring younger brother. His father has been in the same line of work with large animals for many years and has assisted him throughout his education. Dr. Pranjal is a dedicated and well-balanced veterinarian.